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I believe in individualism and that reflects on my coaching approach. Every client has different needs and goals. I will make sure the plan is effective and personalised towards meeting your expectations.

sustainable results

My aim is leading clients towards sustainable results by educating them on this journey and making them independent in the future.

COACH SUPPORT & motivation

I believe in 100% transparency and dedication when it comes to coaching, and I expect the same from you. You can reach out to me with any questions you might have 24/7.

Professional approach

My approach towards my clients is professional in every aspect. I am here to guide you on your way towards your goals.

hard work

I believe in hard, professional and honest work when it comes to coaching as well as challenging yourself every day.

all in one

mobile app

Workout plan

Your training plan contains training videos and associated detailed explanation. You can also mark your results directly in the app, to track if you get stronger over time.

Meal plan

Your nutritional plan contains detailed prepping instructions and estimated time to prepare each meal.


You get access to an online personal tracker to measure your progress. You will also always have your diet & workout plan wherever you are.

chat & SUPPORT

Last but not least, you have the opportunity to chat with me, your coach, through built-in chat with the ability to send me your check-in videos.

what to choose







I will always lead by example with my actions. Actions speak louder than words. My clients will always receive my honest opinion along with help and guidance to help them achieve their personal goals. I will regularly check in with my clients to keep track of their progress via emails, social media, whatsapp, phone calls and zoom. If my clients stay consistent, work hard and listen to my guided advice, they will see results mentally and physically.


my story

My journey started at the age of 18 when I discovered a passion for fitness, initially wanting to look bigger but quickly realising that being big and heavy didn’t go with my other passions, which were football and fashion. I had to make the right choices, as I also had a job supporting young adults with down-syndrome and learning disabilities.

Through my role of supporting others, I quickly identified how helping others achieving personal life goals made me feel. This being one of the main reasons I wanted to start online coaching, being able to share this with a wider audience, I want to give back my 15 years of real-life experience within the fitness industry and many other factors in what I believe has to lead me to many top fitness and fashion shoots around the world. I want to target as many people as possible who are looking to improve their lifestyle physically and mentally. My overall goal is to help people feel better, look better and think better and having an overall impact on their life.

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Leon Scott

I believe consistency is the key.


To achieve anything in life you need to work hard and be consistent. My mission in life is to live without regret and always look to challenge myself and others to become a better person each day.


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